Ghost Photography Mannequins FAQ


‘Ghost’ Photography Mannequins from Mannequin World

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What is the ‘Ghost Mannequin Effect’? 

A:  The ‘Ghost Mannequin Effect,’ also known as the ‘Invisible Mannequin Effect’ is a technique used by clothing photographers to present garments as if suspended in thin-air.  Used in the online and print environments, the method allows clothes to be presented as if worn on the body, but with all traces of the mannequin removed – usually so the label in the back of the garment is visible.    

Before the advent of ghost mannequins, ghost mannequin techniques involved shooting two or more photographs, then digitally compositing the images into a final ‘ghosted’ picture. 


Q:  How do ghost mannequins help achieve the ‘ghost’ or ‘invisible’ mannequin effect?

A:  Ghost mannequins include cutaways at the front and rear of the neck meaning, once dressed, the mannequin becomes ‘invisible’ allowing photographers to shoot straight-through to the label, reducing the amount of digital editing required to produce a ‘ghosted’ image. 


Q:  What kind of mannequins can be ‘ghosted’?  

A:  We can ‘ghost’ any traditionally made mannequin – male mannequins, female mannequins, mannequin children etc.  Simply select any mannequin from our ranges page and specify the ghost cuts you need. 


Q:  Which mannequin poses make the best ghost mannequins?

A:  Symmetrical poses make the best ghost mannequins.   


Q:   Can you turn our current mannequins into ghost mannequins? 

A:  Yes, we can.


Q:  What kind of ghost cuts do I need? 

A:  This depends entirely on the garments you’ll be shooting.  Consider the size of your largest label (as this helps determine the size of the rear cut).  Shooting only round-neck garments? – choose a round-neck ghost cut.  Shooting v-neck and round neck garments? - choose a v-neck ghost cut, as this is a good for both. 


Q:  Can I get a ghost mannequin with T-shirt length arms?    

A:  You can.  Our craftsmen can ‘chop and cap’ arms to the required length.  But if your shoot requires both t-shirt length arms and full length arms – because ‘spare’ arms are unavailable to us, you’ll need to buy two ghost mannequins.  


Q:  How much do Mannequin World ‘ghost’ mannequins cost?

A:  Ghosting a mannequin to your specification adds just £95 to the price of your chosen mannequin.  The ghosting fee covers cutting and refinishing the mannequin to your specification, removing the nipples and re-painting the entire mannequin in a flash-friendly matt white.    


Q:  Do you sell a ready-made ghost mannequin?

A:  Our customers prefer the bespoke nature of Mannequin World Ghost Mannequins. Hand cutting each ghost to our customers’ specification means photographers can get exactly the ghost they need for the project at hand, be it a full mannequin, an adult or child, a torso or a display body.  Creating a ‘standard’ ghost would mean a compromise on the size and nature of the cuts. 


Q:  Can your ghost mannequins be ‘hung’? 

A:  If you prefer to hang your mannequins, we can supply a steel wire hanging system for a small extra cost.  Our hanging system is fitted to the top of the waist fitting, with the wire running through the centre of the mannequin.  The system allows the mannequin to be raised and lowered as required.