Mannequin World sell, hire, renovate and create mannequins.  As renowned Mannequin specialists, we work with Visual Merchandisers and retail professionals in achieving their vision and reaching their goals.  Mannequins are not a part of what we do. Mannequins are everything we do.

The right mannequins, in the latest paint finishes -  from the subtle to the eye-popping – remain one of the most powerful tools in the commercial environment.  Be they modelling merchandise or  showcasing fashion, our mannequins are impossible to ignore. 

Come with your wish list.  Come with your dream.  Come to us to hire mannequins, come to us to buy mannequins, come to us to create mannequins.  Come to Mannequin World to transform your existing mannequins into something really special.  For all things mannequin, we are Mannequin World.