Mannequins With Special Finishes

special finishes


Make a statement with your mannequins. Choose any new Mannequin World mannequin and make it yours and yours alone with a special paint finish from Mannequin World's mannequin workshop.

Match your new mannequins to your existing mannequins, colour-match mannequins to your brand, or go for custom mannequin colours to ignite your latest promotion.

Customise a mannequin with a matt paint finish in a colour of your choice for only £35*

Go for a stunning high-gloss mannequin customisation for just £45*

Select a super-effective metallic custom mannequin colour for £55*

Mannequin world mannequin customisation. Mannequins in every colour under the sun. Maximum visual merchandising impact for minimal cost. Call or email for a free consultation.

*Prices are for brand-new mannequins purchased through Mannequin World and exclude VAT and carriage. For paint finishes on your existing mannequins, see 'Renovations'.